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Me as Aya Suzuno from Monochrome Factor (by Kaili Sorano)
Me as Ryûichi Sakuma as Kumagoro from Gravitation (by Maki Murakami)

:star: Hello everyone from around the world! \(*´ ω`*)/ :star:

I'm from the capital Berlin (GERMANY) and am pleased to meet people from around the world! :3

Twitter: @iigotomoe
Animexx: (in German)

Team Account with Kaalii
Twitter: @ Pumpkin_Parade

:heart: My Hobbies:
Everything, which is in touch with my absolute favourite country JAPAN
- lifestyle
- food
- tradition
- language [I'll always be a beginner to learn it]
- drawing
- more manga, less anime
- music
- my penpal
and everything else I can find about that country... =)

:heart: My Passions:
- my dolls (see them here iigo)
~ Takumi Shô
~ Mikoto Honjô
~ Miroku Yonô
~ Takeshi Akira
~ Arutemisu Rei.

- TAKOYAKI!!!! *w*
- Mr. "the most awesome guitarist in world" T. (Takumi-nii)
- Cosplay (just pure love it! Doesn't matter if I cosplay a girl or a boy, alone or in a group…! *´ω`* )
- my cam "Bob"
- my laptop "Kamui"
- my PC "Yakumo"
- matcha ice cream with red bean paste

:heart: My Dream Of Life:
became true!!!
- a long-term travel through Japan and meeting my penpal and her family there! *__*
- my own flat/apartment
- my penpal visiting me in Germany

:heart: Next Dreams:
- COSPLAY on an international stage (wanna be in the finals just once)
- my penpal visits me again!! :heart:
- visit Japan again!!

:heart: I Love:
All my friends from around the world!! Without you I would be nothing - you're my chosen family!! *smile*

Video Project + Team Pumpkin Parade

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 13, 2014, 4:55 PM
  • Mood: Egghead
  • Listening to: Time by Hans Zimmer in an 10hour mix!! °__^
  • Reading: "Hell's Kitchen" by Jeffery Deaver
  • Watching: Daiya no Ace
  • Playing: no time for this
  • Eating: Pumpkin Soup
  • Drinking: Tea "Queen of Fruits"

First of all I want to thank my dear friend Natsuno-Yuuki for being sooo kind to me!!
She offered an 1 month premium membership to me and that is… that made me cry!! *T^T* *touched*

1) SnK-CMV

Here we are with the short report of our Shingeki no Kyojin Cosplay Music Video project!!!
SnK: Cosplay Music Video - BTS by iigo-tomo-e
You can see, we had a lot of fun during the recording!! :heart::sun::heart:
The locations are a little castle and a nearby wood in Bavarian/Germany.

The first day (Friday) started early in the morning. For most of our members around 4AM, 5AM. (For me the day started the day before - work the Thursday and the whole night on my wig for Gunter.) We met up at 7AM in front of a supermarket.
Distributed in six cars, connected by Walkie-talkies, we drove through a thick soup of mist to the first location: the wood. (There was a house nearby with a toilet :''D)
For the first time I saw all members of our crew and was fascinated by the fact that everyone -really everyone- was so kind and cared about each other! If someone needed help to put his/her gears on, 2 pairs of hands were there immediately.
It was really, really fun to watch, to participate and to joke around with everyone!
The day passed by too fast (my opinion), the sun set down and in the darkness of night we found our way back home (around 10PM). I fell asleep very soon! xD
The second day started a lot earlier because we wanted to record in the wood's mist. This time we had no toilet anywhere… only mother nature! It was exhausting, but like the day before no one complained or was in a bad mood! Sure it was cold in the shadow of the woods and some members were covered in a blanket.
We used a lot of dirt, artificial blood and smoke bombs to create a real battlefield! For me, it was an amazing experience to see how things work and it impressed me a lot, how someone could plan all these things!! Then it became dark we finished our schedule like planned and headed back home, preparing for the last day!!
At Sunday we were allowed to meet up later (was it 7:30AM? I'm not sure)! We had a permission to film from 10AM to 4PM on the castles ground. There were a lot of visitors watching our doing. I think, the most fun event on that day was my random Barbie character!! xD I was still cosplaying Gunter (sun tanned skin). Then we needed a random character for a trainee squad scene and for that occasion I got a platinum Blonde wig… Yes, Sir, I went too long to the solarium!! xDD
In the end everything went well with filming, we finished in time!!
Now the post-edit is running and the planned release of the video is March 2015!
Be prepared for that date!!!!
Thank you to everyone!! I didn't expect to know so many lovely and kind people at once!! I really appreciate, that I was allowed to work with you guys!!!

2) Team Pumpkin Parade

Some days ago Kaalii and I decided our team name and we celebrated it with planting pumpkin seeds! xD
We are planning to participate at the German WCS preliminary in autumn next year at Connichi (in Kassel), Germany's biggest convention.
It's easy to guess which Manga we're doing (a litte hint: see my journal skin)! ;D
Yes, you're right! It's the wonderful Fullmetal Alchemist!!
I'm going to cosplay Edward and Kaalii Alphonse.
I already finished some minor parts and wore them at a local convention called AniMaCo. By coincidence or not, the same day I wore my Ed Cosplay, there was the premiere of the German dubbed Anime Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood!! And of course from everywhere I was called "dwarf", "chibi" or "small"! >,<
FMA: Don't Forget by iigo-tomo-e
But as you can see, there is a lot to do till the prelims!! Redo the wig, craft the arm, sew the coat. And of course to plan our skit in every detail! ;D

To show our progress we founded a Twitter account:…
If you are interested in our doings (and wanna now more about our fellow teammates growing) you can talk to us there!
We decided to not found a page on Facebook, because we dislike that page. ;D Just for information! **laugh**

3) European Cosplay Gathering

I also decided to participate in the coming prelim of ECG. I plan to have a solo skit on stage. At this point I must thank my dad from the bottom of my heart, that he's going to sponsor my costume.
I planned to cosplay a character from "the Vision of Escaflonwe" but would never be able to buy all the things I need for that costume (as a poor student). So I decided to asked my dad and luckily he said YES!!
Yet I just bought some fabrics (2), some foam, colours and tools. But there are a lot things missing…f.e. the wig, shoes, etc!! And I just spend so much money, I never could spend by myself. Yes, to cosplay can be a (very) expensive hobby!!
But I'm really looking for the show and hope I don't miss the term of
registration! x'D

And no matter how the result will be, I think, I go to Paris again to watch the ECG final! And also, my dear inma asked if I can go and meet her and that…… now I must go!! *^*


Okay, it's (as always) late in the night and I should go to get some sleep hours ago…
But 'cause of Natsuno-Yuuki's kind gift I had to use it immediately and must write this journal.
Thanks again, my dear!! *love*

And you! Thank you for reading my stuff!!

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