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Me as Aldred van Envurio (by Yana Toboso) *___*

:star: Hello everyone from around the world! \(*´ ω`*)/ :star:

I'm a crazy girl from the capital Berlin (GERMANY) and like to take pictures from everywhere, anywhere, anytime! XD

Twitter: @iigotomoe
Animexx: (in German)

:heart: My Hobbies:
Everything, which is in touch with my absolute favorite country JAPAN
- lifestyle
- food
- tradition
- language [I'will always be still at the beginning to learn it]
- drawing
- more manga, less anime
- music
- my penpal
and everything else I can find about that country... =)

:heart: My Passions:
- my dolls (see them here iigo)
~ Takumi Shô
~ Mikoto Honjô
~ Miroku Yonô
~ Takeshi Akira
~ Arutemisu Rei.

- TAKOYAKI!!!! *w*
- Mr. "awesomest guitarist on world" T. (Takumi-nii)
- Cosplay (doesn't matter if I cosplay a girl or a boy, just pure love! *´ω`* )
- my cam "Bob"
- my laptop "Kamui"
- my PC "Yakumo"
- matcha ice cream with red bean paste

:heart: My Dream Of Life:
became true!!!
- a long-term travel through japan and meeting my penpal and her family there! *__*
- my own flat/apartment
- my penpal visiting me in Germany

:heart: Next Dreams:
- COSPLAY on an international stage
- my penpal visits me again!! :heart:
- Japan again!!

:heart: I Love:
All my friends from around the world!! Without you I would be nothing - you're my chosen family!! *smile*

ECG Over And Out

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 20, 2014, 3:09 AM
  • Mood: Euphoric
  • Listening to: random music
  • Reading: Shounen Oujo (German release * . *)
  • Watching: photos
  • Playing: Ameba, like always...
  • Eating: more or less healthy things
  • Drinking: too less

Hey there, dattebayo!!!

There was a lot of fun at Leipzig book fair (LBM) and ECG prelimination! x3
There were so many lovely people I got in contact with!

At ECG, me and my partner, we went on stage as Naruto and Tsunade and even one of the judges told us he was positively surprised about our skit! ^^* (We did not intent to win (for that aim our cosplays were too simple) but gain the audition's sympathy! ♥) I think, we did a great, funny job! ^^

T: Oi Naruto! I knew I'll find you here.
N: Grandma Tsunade!
T: I've got a new mission for you.
N: A new mission? What is it? Protect people, save a village, gather informations?

T: You're going to train with Jiraiya.
N: With that old cranky hermit? Never!
T: You're doing - what I'm  - saying! And now - go!

N: It's been 2 and a half year... Konoha, you got me back! ;)
T: Naruto, you're back. How was the training?
N: Wanna see the results?

But without my friends' help we could not perform on stage. They were the reason our probs came all the way from Berlin to Leipzig. So, that's a huge THANK YOU to everyone who helped out!!

And because at ECG itself and at conventions in general there's not so much time for a real thing shooting, I had a little one yesterday in a nearby forest.
Naruto Uzumaki I by Kaalii
I think, more pictures will follow! ;D Thanks to :iconkaalii: for your hard work! *love*

The other days at LBM were very chilled. On friday I met a lot of new people and old friends, also on sunday. but on sunday I wore my Ryuichi Sakuma alias Kumagoro Cosplay. it was my very first costume but I had the feeling, I have to wear it again! ^^ And I think, some pics will follow soon! xD

What's next?
I have to study for the next exams now and edit some older pictures to upload them.... too much to do again! XD And I wanna finish my Mikasa Ackerman costume!

There's something I wanna tell:
A month ago I (finally) created a worldcosplay- account! If you have a lot of freetime, you can have a look there! ;D

Much love from Germany
\(^ o ^)/


:iconkaalii: :iconjibril-cosplay: :iconda-risembool-rangers: :iconheadstro: :iconffleret:


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Hello!! Welcome to the Rangers! :iconthe-da-ranger-group: High-five! Hug We're happy ta have ya in the club!! ^___^ Yui Hirasawa (Castanets Dance) [V1]
Natsuno-Yuuki Mar 12, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
^^ Es freut mich total dass die Bilder von der DeDeCo dir so super gefallen ^^
Für die MCC hab ich mir jetzt einen polarisierenden Filter gekauft
*gespannt bin wie die Bilder wirken werden*
Danke für den fav Süße!!! *___*
*reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee* :heart:
Hello ! It's been a while. 
Sorry for the really long silence. My new work takes me a lot of time. 

But, I'm back and here, I have some of the photos I took at Japan Expo. I hope you will like them. :D (Even if, it's really a poor quality)
Awww dear!!!! QvQ*

Did you have a good start into 2014?
What are you doing (work)?

Thank you for the pictures! <3
I have to edit our little shooting, too…! ^^"
Some pics are online now, but there are some missing. If I completed them, I'll send you and Kushina the link. Okay? :3
Hi !! : D 

yeah, it's a good beginning. I hope this will be like this during all the year. And you ? 

I'm actually policeman. Yeah, I know, quite strange isn't it ? XD 

You're welcome. Too bad I didn't have a good camera at this time. -_-
I'm ok with this ! I'm looking forward to see them. ;)
I hope for you it will go on as the year started for you! ^^*

My start was a bit lazy, I had friends visiting me during new year and my birthday.
Afterwards university started, and since then, it's very stressful. Exams are starting next month... @@
And I had to participate in a project (arranged from university) and I must create a poster now (next week is the presentation… |||¦A¦|||).

I don't think your job is strange. I think it's really cool! My dad's job was the same. Now he's a driver licence teacher for policemen! Please take care!! <3

I chose these pics from our meeting, but (like I said) they are not edited yet:…

I wanna see you again! But I think, this year I can't go to Paris and JE. No money… T^T
(Call me, if you have the desire to visit me! XDD) <3
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